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We deliver an industry-leading performance of 24/7 facility maintenance, through innovative management systems and technology, for any building; If you lease, manage our own space in a building, Just Call Daystar!

Daystar serves Calgary and Southern Alberta areas with certified staff for industrial, commercial and residential projects with red seal journeyman technicians. Building on our record of expertise, reliability and friendly service, we strive to help every member of our selected team to have a stake in our company’s ongoing success.

With the merger of Wayne’s Cool – IT Refrigeration Ltd. in 2013 followed by the recent acquisition of Calgary Tenant Services, Daystar continues to grow to help meet more of our clients’ needs.

Our 14 years providing planned execution of facility maintenance in the Southern Alberta market has earned us valued clients such as: McDonalds, Tim Horton’s, City of Airdrie, Costa Vida, State & Main, Original Joes, Blink Restaurant, Famoso Restaurant, City of Olds and the Old Historic Bank of Montreal in Calgary. Our upstanding reputation with clients like these happens by design; through hard work and consistent effort in maintaining strong relationships, we provide preventative maintenance plans and services that last.

Our service process is second to none when it comes to protecting your investment. As issues arise you can rely on our timely and effective service response, ensuring that your assets are well taken care of for years to come.

“To deliver industry leading performance of 24/7 facility maintenance, through innovative management systems and technology, for any building; If you lease, manage or own space in a building, Just Call Daystar!”

“To be the market leader for 24/7 facility maintenance in Canada, dispatching reliability and delivering smiles”

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety. Daystar has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR) that audits employers to ensure their health and safety management systems meet and maintain national standards. 

Our Culture & Values

We understand the importance of providing a consistent and expected customer service experience. To ensure this, we have published the following list of values that we feel are imperative to building long lasting relationships through mutually respected core principals. Our team consists of our staff, suppliers, support network and customers and we strive to share these values with our whole team and encourage every member to uphold them.

Smile First

We smile first because we believe that life and people will reciprocate. Smiles are contagious and show we are pleased and kind, which is how we would like to be, and what we would like to see in all of those that we deal with in business.


We create unity and seamlessness, so our team and customers receive consistent service, quality, and experience. We share and collaborate to create a solid and unified team. We create consistency and a surprise-free situation for our customers. Our culture, systems, training, and meetings keep us bound in purpose and procedure. We are part of a united team.


We get up every day with eyes wide-open that our services are an expense to businesses. We understand that our punctuality, quality of work, and attention to detail has drastic impacts to our customer’s bottom line. We remember at all times that our customer’s business operation and profitability is paramount, and our job is to do whatever it takes to keep them running and making money.


We value the quality of earning loyalty; in our team, our clients, our suppliers and our support networks. We hold a strong feeling of allegiance with all the people we work with, which is essential to our success. We work to keep our commitments and obligations to clients, and to maintain positive, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationships.

Excuse Free

We never attempt to lessen blame or seek to defend or justify ourselves. We own our decisions and choices and recognize that mistakes and errors are part of life. We will make every effort to correct any mistake or error, as quickly as possible.


We understand that proper methods of conveying information are imperative to maintaining a positive, mutually beneficial, and lasting relationship. 

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We are problem solvers. We strive to find the best, quickest, most cost-effective solution to any given problem or situation that we encounter. We pride ourselves in the relentless pursuit of this endeavor.


We understand the power of proven systems whereby we can best manage any given task, process or policy involved in the execution of our business. We continually examine and refine the best systems possible to most effectively conduct business.


We recognize the good qualities in our team, our clients, our suppliers and our support networks and we are faithful in recognizing them on a regular basis. We strive to maintain a full understanding of our team, clients, suppliers and support networks’ needs and we are faithful in acknowledging the enjoyment and appreciation that we have in working with them.


We strive to increase our knowledge in every area of our business and attract the team, clients, suppliers and support networks who are leaders in their respective disciplines. We strive to find the facts, information, and skills, required to fulfill our roles in business and in life. We seek others who have a greater knowledge in the areas where we lack; and we are continually working to increase our knowledge and learn from our experiences.


We understand that business is a fluid concept and we must be able to adjust and adapt to every situation or condition. We work to be flexible with our team, our clients, our suppliers and our support networks to the best possible mutual benefit of each relationship.


We strive to be impartial and we choose to deal with any individual who shares this value. We don’t show favoritism or discrimination to individuals, businesses, groups or otherwise. We conduct business in a way that is fair to our team, our clients, our suppliers and our support networks. We will not take advantage of others, nor will we be taken advantage of.

Our Customers

Great and friendly service. I use them for my restaurant and they are always on time. The technicians know what they are doing, and they always come when we need them. I would really recommend using daystar.

Victor Jimenez

These guys are great! They have helped me with the two hotels I own and are priced fairly for the high-quality service they provide.

Daniel Castaneda